Welcome to DJ Tech

We are a company engaged in services like web designing and development. We are very creative in our designs and strive for perfection.

We also conduct basic computer classes with a goal of teaching you everything you need to know, to keep yourselves up-to-date with today's IT world as well as making it fun, informative and interactive at the same time.
You can also choose any computer related topic outside of the schedule and we will do our best to be as informative as possible. Our courses include computer programming languages like PHP, C, C++, etc. Not only that. We also have designing courses like photoshop, corel draw, etc for people who are creative and love art.

You can also buy the best of our computer accessories like pendrives, harddisks, RAM, monitors and much more for a good price.

Customer satisfaction is our main goal. Our mission is to make our work standout in quality and originality.